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Private. Professional. Personal.

Reaching beyond traditional methods, Dr. Lazarou treats patients with a proprietary style. First a physician, then a psychiatrist and finally a forensic psychiatrist, she approaches each case in that order. Through this encompassing method, Dr. Lazarou studies the medical, mental and social state of every patient and designs a custom treatment plan to help that person grow into the best version of themselves that they can be.

The nurturing relationship that Dr. Lazarou develops with each patient during therapy becomes a model for when that patient is an active member in relationships outside of the office.

Experience the Difference.

( Industry-leading technology

La Coop, P.A. employs a secure, state-of-the-art electronic medical records system (EMR). Designed by a psychiatrist, this HIPAA-compliant program grants Dr. Lazarou instant, up-to-date access, enabling her to monitor progress from any location and deliver hallmark care-all while insuring each client's absolute privacy. For the doctor's safety, the office is monitored by a security system with image-only cameras and an alarm.

( The Client-Centric Core

La Coop, P.A.'s fee-for-service model guarantees that the details of treatment are confidential. It also allows Dr. Lazarou to fully engage her patients in unhurried visits, without restricting a treatment plan to a certain number of sessions or "allowable" medications.

( A Powerful Partnership

Dr. Lazarou's inherently individual approach considers family members and loved ones, too. Therapy empowers each patient by giving them an active role in their own integrated treatment plan. Every goal hinges on a patient's personal willingness to get better. Family is involved to continue the treatment that starts in the virtual office and helps to put theory into practice. The doctor welcomes and encourages family involvement to the extent that the patient allows.

( A Foundation in Medicine

Dr. Lazarou remains on the pulse of current research and melds that knowledge with clinical experience providing treatment that is evidence-based, yet practical. Dr. Lazarou's scope of treatment regimens includes care as simple as vitamin supplementation for treatment-resistant depression, as invasive as PEG tube placement for anorexia, and as complicated as psychotherapy for Personality and other Psychiatric disorders. Dr. Lazarou is also well versed in the psychodynamic approach to treatment and uses the combination of psychotherapy and biological treatment to promote lasting change.

( Dr. Lazarou's Special Clinical Interests
  • PTSD
  • Personality Disorders
  • Eating Disorders (Dr. L is also a Registered Dietitian)
  • Marital Issues
  • Medical Psychiatric issues
  • Infertility
Patients - Private. Professional. Personal.