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June 2013 - Something old, something new....
The Closing of La Coop opens the opportunity for Virtual La Coop


This will be the last email Newsletter for La Coop, and it is bittersweet. All of you who have worked with me over the past five years knows that this practice was built on family values, blood, sweat, toil and tears. This is not just for
my business, but any of you that own or have owned and ran a business can relate to the amount of effort that it takes to get something like this going.

In addition to the practice location and professional connections, my most important and most fulfilling connections have come from caring for all of you and your families. Fortunately for me, I will still get to see some of you and continue to watch your lives improve and be enriched through proper application of medication and psychotherapy.

When I set out to make this office, I wanted it to be something that isn't done in the present medical managed care landscape - psychotherapy and medication management in a private setting where patients could come and learn and get better. When I was in my residency, I will never forget when we were asked one by one as young Psychiatrists - what we wanted to do with our training and what we saw for our future practice of medicine. At that time, I said that I wanted to practice, "Entrepreneurial Psychiatry" (this was videotaped by Dr. Curt Cassidy though I'm not sure the tape is still out there). Back then, I wasn't sure what type of Psychiatrist I wanted to be, but I knew that I didn't want to be your
average Psychiatrist.

Now, with the closing of my practice location, I will now be at the forefront of Psychiatry - Telepsychiatry. I believe that my practice will be the first one of it's kind in the Tampa area. This is very cool and I am glad that you all have given me the opportunity to be a part of that. Maybe five years down the line - this type of medical practice will be commonplace. Maybe five years down the line, I will be back practicing in an office somewhere here in Tampa. All I know, is that I believe that all things happen for a reason and this change has happened. This could have really knocked me down. When I first found out that my lease had been sold to someone else - I was devastated and shocked. If I allowed that to bring me down - where would I be now? Like I tell all of you - we need to adapt to our new circumstance and make the best out of it. Virtual La Coop is my adaptation and I'm excited about it and want to see where it takes me and my family.

The practice location will have it's last clinical day on June 22, 2013 (which is my birthday). I will also be adding a new baby to my family on that night, a Bouvier des Flandres named Zella. What will I be doing June 23rd, 2013? Starting an entirely new chapter in my life. On Mondays and Saturdays I will still be seeing my Virtual La Coop patients via Skype. Tuesdays, I will still be working in my Correctional job in Citrus County. Wednesdays through Fridays I will be working with JSA Health Telepsychiatry on their team to treat patients all over the nation. I will also still be doing my Forensic Psychiatry and working on cases. I will still be busy, but also hope to be busy working on my family.

I want to thank you all again for the opportunity to be a part of your lives.

All of my best,

Dr. L and Family

Want to keep update on the happenings at La Coop?

Just because the practice location is closing, doesn't mean there will be nothing going on with La Coop. You can friend me on my Facebook page under LA COOP, PA - GENERAL AND FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY. There I will have updates as to the practice location and things going on in my life that relate to the practice such as big forensic cases going on. I will also still have my newsletter going strong and updates to my website. I will still have the same email, so don't be a stranger. Though, remember, I will NOT be treating patients via email.

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