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January, 2013- Happy New Year! from all of us at LA COOP, PA


This month, I wanted to help all of you out with a way that I typically start out the new year. I like to get myself in a position to make things happen every day - and to do that I have to plan. People these days think that things "just happen." The reality is, that things happen because people make them happen.

I have the very fortunate circumstance to treat a lot of highly functioning and successful people. My job with them, and all of my patients, is to make them the highest functioning person that they can be within their capabilities. I work with people to unlock hidden potential and to magnify their strengths and diminish their weaknesses. Part of that is getting all of that potential going in the right direction. Making a personal mission statement can help you to do that. There is a website that helps you in a manufactured way, which is good for all of you quick fixers out there, but for a little more personal approach - read on.

All of us at La Coop wish you happiness and prosperity in the New Year. Thank you for being a valued patient. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year.

Dr. L



This is a project that I like to do yearly, but I even do it a little more frequently when I feel a life change coming on that I need to prepare for. The purpose of a mission statement for a person is similar to that for a business. You want to know who you are. What your philosophy of life is. What you want your life's meaning to be. I know that this seems difficult, but it isn't when you spend some time with yourself.

So, Step 1 is spending some time in your mind trying to put your philosophy of life onto paper. It doesn't have to be one thing - it is specific to you. When you have that down, the foundation for the statement will start to take shape.

For example, my overall philosophy of life is that the purpose in my estimation is to be used to be an example to others on how to live a fulfilled life. I would like to leave the world a better place than before I was there. My overall purpose in life is to live a good life, have a happy safe and healthy family, and to treat patients and make their lives better for having met me.

Step 2 is to look at yourself in terms of your morals - what they are and what you may like them to be ideally.

For example, my moral code is very strict as many of you know. I believe in taking responsibility for one's own actions. To stand up for what is right even when it is difficult and there could be backlash. I believe in my family and taking care of them first before all others. I believe in lifelong learning and striving for pushing myself beyond what I have been told my limitations are. I know that I would like to incorporate a greater sense of faith in my life to disperse some emotional burdens. I would also like to take some time for myself that is purely for enjoyment and doesn't necessarily have a work component to them.

Step 3 is to compile these things together to make a paragraph statement which identifies who you are, what you hold dear, and what you will work on in the coming year to strengthen those areas in yourself that you perceive to be weak.

My example: My life's journey is about making the world a better place. I am doing it because it is in the core of who I am to make things better than how I found them. The result of that journey would be for me to be able to treat patients and to spread information on how to live a good life for them and for them to follow it. I hope that with my help that I made them think deeper, work harder, and love more deeply and selflessly than they would have otherwise without my guidance and example. I want to be the person to whom my husband and family would feel comforted by because I am strong, caring and knowledgeable. I also want to be a good friend to those who have been there for me and who have helped me on my journey. Through this year, I will strive to lean on others when things are tough, and to allow myself time to do things that are purely for fun only. I will also continue to be the healthiest person I can be physically and intellectually. I will continue to push myself beyond my limitations, and strive for success in all that I choose to do.

Until next month!

Dr. L

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